Thaksin advises his sister, Yingluck, to take Chinese herb, Soft Gold, to prevent fever

By Tammy; 4/18/2013

Thailand‘s controversial former Prime Minister, Thaksin, has advised his sister, Thailand’s Prime Minister, Yingluck, to seek and take a very expensive and hard to find Chinese herb, called “Soft Gold.” According to Thaksin, said on Facebook that “Soft Gold” or Tung Chao, a mushroom found in Tibet at very high elevation, prevents fever and flu. “I have taken Tung Chao for a year and have had no fever,” said Thaksin. Tung Chao, the mushroom, gets incepted, by insects such as butterfly carrying a rare organism. During Thaksin governing of Thailand, before the 2006 coup kicked him out, Thaksin aggressively pressed Thai herbal medicine, touting Thai herbs exports, as can be a source of great income for Thais (source).


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